The Grim Reaper is Waiting

A Unique Title For Me

Several things are certain in life and among them are death and taxes.  I worked at a funeral parlor, doing odd things like greeting guests, cleaning up and helping the mortician lift the dead bodies into the caskets.  Everybody deals with depressing things in different ways and for some people, it helps to laugh and in this place morbid jokes were always present.  Most of my coworkers resembled the Grim Reaper, as they never really said all that much, they were always pleasant and they seemed to have this constant grin on their faces.  None of them actually went around wearing a long, dark, black hooded cloak with a hood covering their face, wielding a scythe, but they all seemed to be a bit on the creepy side.

We would get together from time to time after a long day at work and have drinks at the place across the…

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