Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 43

Welcome once again!

I am keeping it simple this week with a picture prompt.

Mary Shelley - Literary Witches

Image Credit: Mary Shelley

The format can be a a story/poem/rant/anecdotes/journalistic coverage of events/ reflections as usual. Please give due credit to the image.

Pour out, and let it flow ….


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20 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 43

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  2. I am translating the post from hecblogger here

    इश्क़ का मैंने ज़हर पिया था
    दवा नहीं थी किसी के पास।
    हिज्र में बीती सारी रातें
    समय नहीं था तेरे पास।
    तेरी यादें भी दफना दी
    मैंने अपनी कब्र के पास।

    I swallowed the poison of love
    no one had an antidote
    nights spent pining for you
    and you never had time
    I buried your memories
    near my grave

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