Where Are We?

After the Moon and Mars, this is the third planet discovered and captured by us.”

“Do you think you are a reincarnation of Columbus? This is America, the country where we were born and raised.”

“Look at the landscape around. We separated from the rest of the world with our policies, and then, were annihilated by nuclear war.

“I’ve had it…”   The Red Indian looked exasperated, “And where have you come from?”

“I am the expansive spirit of the American nation, and reclaim this country today. We shall make it great again.”

His resolve reverberated, and voice echoed through the sky and the mountains.

We shall make it great again.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


13 thoughts on “Where Are We?

  1. Typically in America, “Indians” refer to themselves as “indigenous peoples” or “first nations.” I know this because an indigenous friend of mine invited me into a closed Facebook groups, and so I can see and interact with anyone who posts their views and concerns.

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      1. According to the First Nations people, indigenous is indigenous. Many of them don’t recognize current borders as separating those living in the US from Mexico, Central, and South America. That said, prior to 1492, various native tribes did have territories and boundaries, and they did wage war against each other, so it wasn’t utopia back then, either. That said, colonialists tend to be very destructive.

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