Just an apple

I wonder why the alphabet starts with A for Apple. It might as well have been Art or Articulation or Abstraction. A bite from a single apple by the First Lady was given astronomical powers to change the destiny of the human race. Aeons later, the logo of a half-eaten apple captured the imagination of people. It redefined lives with its punch-packed small devices. They manage to build a lot of hype around the same product with miniscule enhancements.

It is the art of creating a hype, articulating unspoken expectations, which conquers the world. A logo is abstract art, open to interpretations and imagination of the market place, and it carries the vulnerable masses with it. They live in anticipation of these moments, which separate them from the dark reality of their humdrum existence.

I foresee apple-shaped spaceships floating in nothingness, pulled by multiple forces in different directions, taking unplanned trajectories, trying to make sense of life on Earth from a place, which is light years away. Maybe, Nirvana is found somewhere there, in another version of the Garden of Eden without serpents.

An apple on any and every day can keep miseries away, if glamorized and glorified hard enough.


JSW Prompt

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