Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 42 – Challenge



The challenge sits in front of me, daunting in its literal form.

I can see it requires me to step away from my comfort zone, explore the dark patches of my psyche.

I put pen to paper knowing there is an unknown, an area I will either embrace or shy from.

The words flow as I find myself cringing in the expectation of discovery, of a revelation I am not sure I want to make known.

Then a voice says, you can do it, after all, for the most part, you are anonymous, those who read it will only know your words, not your true self.

But I reply that is the issue; my words are my true self.

Then a calming voice whispers in my ear, you are who you are, don’t be afraid, those who know you, love you, nothing can change that.

So I take on…

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