Letting it out

We host certain irritations and permit certain negative reactions in our bodies and minds. It gives us some kind of satisfaction – a feeling of superiority over others who bug us, a holier-than-thou feeling, feeling sacred in our miseries. We don’t realize how much our non-stop ranting about history that cannot be changed, bugs others. We see a drop in the number of visitors and phone calls. The reaction is to express relief about getting rid of ‘that kind of people’ or ranting a little more about how selfish and mean erstwhile friends can be.

I have not found a way to forbid generation of negative feelings, yet. We do feel cheated or let down, and anger is the only outlet. I look for ways to manage, sublimate, divert, channelize those into something else.

Writing is one method of venting it out – to publish or not is a matter of choice. Sharing stories in a neutral manner without using names, to educate others about possible pitfalls is another. Can anybody suggest more?


Saturday Mix- Opposing forces



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