Mumbai Monsoon

I had to take an early morning train to college for the Chemistry practical sessions, not knowing what awaited me in the monsoon. Mumbai is known for heavy rains, and water logging in the Kurla car shed. Trains would be held up at that point.

And then, the fun began … walking on the tracks in rubber or PVC monsoon footwear for an hour or so, till I reached Ghatkopar – the place where my uncle stayed. It was holiday for all cousins, and a tough time for my aunt in the kitchen. I had to get into borrowed clothes, till my clothes could dry under the fan, or an electric iron. Chess, carom, rummy or a movie in the rains – we did not miss out on fun.

Somebody would inform that the trains have now started moving, and it was on to another adventure in an overcrowded train with people packed like sardines in a can. All of them had a difficult day, and were eager to reach home. We exchanged our fun stories, or listened to working mothers worrying about their infants and erratic domestic help. A few lucky ones had a helpful parent to manage the kids, and they suddenly saw the blessings of a family, and forgot all discord.


Tale Weaver #176


7 thoughts on “Mumbai Monsoon

  1. I experienced the packed in like sardines when I was in Japan and using the trains, which I might add are incredibly reliable. I used the trains for many years travelling to and from work. The mornings were people going to work, in the afternoons often a very different crowd would be found on board, many I was sure never worked a day in their lives.

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