The house was being auctioned.

All efforts by banks and debt management agencies to get the owners out of red had failed. There was a hushed silence on accusations about siphoning of funds by the owner from various public channels. The matter was still sub-judice.

One of the bidders was an ex-employee in the owner’s company, who had moved out of the shadows, long back. He was given a tour of the palatial house, before he participated in the bidding process. He saw precious items gathering dust. Licensed weapons hanging on the wall had been in disuse for some time, without ammunition. The shiny packaging on certain unopened items was wearing off, revealing glimpses of contents within. The attic looked dark so he chose not to enter, till an appropriate time. Tiny holes in expensive curtains somehow, made him think of chinks in armor. Bullet proof glass does not help for long, if it allows visibility.

He was bidding for remnants of a once swanky lifestyle. He was bidding for a life lesson. Where had the owner slipped? He would perhaps learn, if he managed to buy the place.

Invincibility never comes easy. It has to be learned and earned.

(200 words)


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