Changing Colors

He had looked forward to this homecoming for long. The years of toil, loneliness and being in a foreign land were interesting, but not exactly exciting.

Scenes from the past, present and possible future flashed through his mind, as he saw the changing colors on the vase. One could see grey clouds, blue ice, muddy rains and the red-orange glow of fire as the light flashing on it changed. He had complimented his brother on his excellent taste a day ago.

It was a day that changed his life. He discovered that his share in the family assets had been transferred to his brother’s name. His wife’s jewellery in their mother’s locker was missing. He felt isolated as others around him high-fived and mingled in glee at the family dinner.

Life had turned around. Colors of love and loyalty were certainly not the same.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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