Redefining tech


“Mom, this keyboard is difficult to operate. I don’t find all the keys I need.

“Let me explain this. The design you see here is the QWERTY board.  This was designed to prevent jamming of keys in the old manual typewriters. My Dad owned one, and we often soiled our hands with the black typing ribbons. Then, came the Dvorak model in 1940, where the fingers had to travel less. It put all the vowels in the same row, and makes it easier to type long dissertations. Somehow, it has not found commercial acceptance.”

I saw Jimmy yawning at my lecture,

“I ain’t learning history or grammar, Mom! I was just looking for emoticons, but this device does not have any.”

“Oh! You better use the phone or the virtual keyboard.”

“I wonder why common sense ain’t so common. We don’t need an extension in devices for a keyboard.”

(149 words)


Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox

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