Just Do It

‘Just Do It’

screamed the billboard

it hit me

like a bolt from the blue.

I had been so busy learning

The world of action had no clue.


neural pathways in the brain

knock on mind and soul

illuminated by ideas

the only language I understand.

convert thought to action

before it slips like quicksand.


pick up the ladle, watch the tastebuds

bloom into warmth of love

pick up the pen, map the thought

pick up a palette to colour life

see what you can do, good or bad

just act, and end the mental strife


creativity is a journey sublime

from concept to execution time.

looking for inspirational sparks

to ignite the process, just one more time.

we absorb, we churn, we respond

to give body to thought, we act or mime.


life is a reflection

the mirror changes,

so does the image

as objects pass through Time

on an unknown,

unending voyage


Tuesday Poetics at dVerse

14 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Just do it! Just LIVE. Yep — our image in the mirror changes but hopefully, we look up and out and do not concentrate on the effects of time. Rather we grow with time, age with time, and continue “just doing it!” 🙂

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  2. Yes, I need to sit in nature as much as I write about it, follow my own advice as much as I give it and make a few dreams come true. I hope you do too, Reena!


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