Tsunami in the mind

I remember a comment on one of my posts – “Too much freedom will be terrifying.” People need a structure to feel secure, a set of rules to prevent encroachment on others’ rights and the satisfaction that others are also bound by rules.

I get to mull on the degrees of freedom, when I interact with different mind-sets. The difference between corporate and start-up culture never fails to hit – however much I have hated the tyranny of the first. Being disorganized is not freedom, it will just delay reaching the desired goal. Planning restricts our freedom in the future. So, is it good or bad?

However, I do feel claustrophobic if others impose their will on me. The most difficult set of people to interact with are those with restricted mind-sets, more so than evil or moronic.  For me, the mindset that cannot see another’s point of view comes close to insanity.

are oceans insane

in unleashing tsunamis

they are letting go


Haibun Monday

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