The opening story does influence the line of thinking. Here are my reflections on a brother who took an early exit from the world.


I have often wondered how two people who have grown up together be so different.

We never know the baggage that another person carries, or where their chosen paths lead. Disapproval of another is only a reaffirmation of one’s own values.

You left the world a little too early, and took with you many stories – which happened and which could have happened. Some were open, and some deliberately concealed. I guess you did not want to die. You struggled to yank yourself off from the clutches of Death, and kept everyone on tenterhooks for a week, but lost the battle.

It changed life for everyone around you.

We emerged from the same pond, but did not know into which stratosphere the fountain would take us.

(125 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers



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