The video footage was grainy, but Taylor recognized them easily.

She was the only one with a cell phone – in 1938. Can you believe it? She was smart enough to slip all surveillance for the last three years. He was not sure in which decade had she parked herself. Or moved on to zones beyond the purview of business plans?

It was not easy being in the time travel business, especially when crimes committed long ago were being investigated, and the detective had a vested interest. She happened to be the descendant of a prominent politician of that tumultuous era.


First Line Friday at MLMM


2 thoughts on “1938

  1. I remember reading an article about these photographic “proofs” of time travel and I think the young lady in question worked for a communications firm and was testing a prototype. Anyway, a modern cell phone wouldn’t work in 1938 because there was no cellular system and thus no signal.


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