Keeping up

A Bollywood superstar mentioned his experience with his children – the ones who are growing up won’t talk, and the bubbly youngster all of five years old won’t listen.

Another friend of mine shared that a Whatsapp message asking them to do a chore, works faster than screaming your lungs out.

“I am your mother, not your friend, but will be there for you when you need me.” I was not sure if the progeny would turn back to come and seek help from a reliable pole, or turn to someone who is walking the distance with them.

The caterpillars are shedding their exterior to blossom into butterflies. Are you shedding yours just to keep up with them?


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19 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. A lot is required of parents in this day and age. It is no longer enough for parents to just to hang on to what they learned in the past, but there are some very basic things that must not be forgotten and must continue to be taught.

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  2. Being of the “older” generation, I am both amazed and appalled at how technology has/is changing our culture. Sometimes plain old common sense and direct communication serves us best 🙂
    Is the younger generation aware of the meaning of “presence”? lol

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