Summers of yore….

The intense heat that we are being subjected to this year, takes me back to a childhood when we survived without air conditioning. Summer vacations were spent with our grandparents. I could spend hours in my grandfather’s library, with just a wall-mounted fan above the desk. Ice lollies were a treat we looked forward to, and bolted out in a jiffy on hearing the hawker’s brass bell.

We still tease a cousin of ours for being pawned in exchange for twenty rupees. We had our fill of ‘chaat’ (spicy, savory dishes made with boiled potatoes, peas and puffed pastry) at the local vendor’s stall, but ran short of money to pay. We returned home to take the cash, while a meek cousin was asked to stay there, as our ‘mortgaged’ item. Luckily for him, we did return with money to bail him out.

A favorite hideout used to be a tent created with two standing rope-beds brought close together, and covered with a thick sheet on top. The same beds were used in the night to sleep in the open courtyard or terrace, covered with mosquito nets. We would even cover ourselves with wet sheets to cool us, and we dozed off as the sheet took its time to dry.

Memories galore, as we now spend isolated summers in air-cooled homes and offices, and order everything online ….


Tale Weaver #173

8 thoughts on “Summers of yore….

  1. I was born and raised in Florida and I remember not having air conditioning, even in school. There were always a lot of fans to keep us cool.

    I live in a cooler climate now, which I love. Even now with air conditioning, I still use fans. I’m not a fan of hot weather.


  2. When my Mom was pregnant with me, she got a kidney infection and had to be hospitalized. There was no air conditioning in those days, so my Dad bought a heavy metal oscillating fan for her. When I was young, I remember talking into the fan so I’d sound like a robot.

    After my Dad died last year, my brother and I went through all Dad’s stuff. He never threw anything away. He did had that fan. It hadn’t worked for years, but he still had it.


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