The Crushing Loneliness

Anna dressed carefully in her black dress, just allowing a dash of white in the scarf and bag. She had been widowed recently, and was following the mourning regimen.

She noticed people keep their distance in respect to the widow. Some kind-hearted souls offered membership to the local clubs, so that the crushing loneliness did not kill her. She thanked them with a smile, and promised to consider soon enough.

Back home, she heaved a sigh of relief. The place was silent, but peaceful. There was no screaming and shouting, no violence and no forced sex. She did not have to hide her money, to save it from being spent on gambling and drinking.

Nobody realised how happy she was in her loneliness. She could not live in peace.


Sunday writing Prompt at MLMM

5 thoughts on “The Crushing Loneliness

  1. My Mom became a widow almost fourteen months ago, and even though she now lives in an assisted living facility with plenty of people around, she still gets lonely. She and Dad had been married over sixty years, basically all of their adult lives, and she adored him.


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