Her friend

“Congratulations, Ira! You have won three prizes this year. We really appreciate your performance, despite working with limited means.” The school principal patted the back of the nine year old, who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Ma’m, I would like to be a veterinary doctor, when I grow up…”

“You are good enough to be a doctor – maybe a neurologist or cardiologist.”

“No, Mam, I’m sure of that. I would like to be a vet.”

“Ok, do whatever your heart desires.”

Ira walked out of the cabin slowly, carrying the medals and trophies she had won.

“Toppo, see what I have got….” She was excited to share with her friend.

Loyal Toppo was waiting for his mistress, with a lantern and satchel. She would need that to study late in the night. They had no electricity in the slum where they lived.

(143 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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