Bonding with the Muse

“You give voice to the songs I write! But what would your melodious voice be, without the flow of words?”

“Be not vain! My voice gives body to your thoughts.”

let me take you somewhere there

where erosion of my self

enriches your being

feels like a union

of unreal  beings


but adding value

finding synergies

in a merger

“I heard that another singer has been signed for your next production…”

“Yes. The spirit of the songs is different, and needed a different rendition.”


you need a different soil

to erode a little more

sprout your seeds

to let them blossom

in a myriad ways

to go meet the world

Beautiful is synergy, mutable the bonds! Artists are married only to their fantasy.

(125 words)


Weekend Writing Prompt #56 – Erosion

7 thoughts on “Bonding with the Muse

  1. Namaste Reena 🙂

    Beautifully put, thank you 🙂

    Indeed: ‘Artists are married only to their fantasy.’ – persisting and persistent, existing always creatively.

    Enjoy a wonderful week. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂



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