Flippant Formats

I have picked up 3 poetry formats, which I  frequently use and flipped them over.

REVERSE  TANKA (7,7,5,7,5)

did you ever think you would

bow to me in full spirit?

Our worlds flipped over

strangers facing each other

role reversal hits


REVERSE SHADORMA (5,7,3,3,5,3,3)

I have added an extra line of 3 syllables here


changes happen, more than once

wisdom fades

busy world

reinventing wheels

to keep its



Two classic haikus

from time to time
the clouds give rest
to the moon-beholders.

– Matsuo Bashō

the wren
earns his living

– Kobayahsi Issa

In erasure poetry, we extract a few words from large paragraphs to create a compact poem or story. Here, I have taken two classical haikus and inserted words to make a story.

From time to time, there were signals of discomfort. All was not well at the corporate office, and the boss he so worshipped, acted in an unpredictable manner. It was time to pause and think. It was time to explore other options. The clouds gathering on the horizon were dark and heavy, yet held the potential for life-giving rain. It was time to give rest to his overthinking brain.

The month after appraisal letters were shot out and bonuses credited, he resigned. It was a dark signal to the moon-beholders, and it called for change. Everybody had to choose between a comfort zone which was heating up, and the expansive, but unknown outdoor adventure. Choices were made. Alignments changed.

There was no hook at the top, no announcements in the revered corridors and no paeans sung to undeserving people. The biggest change was absence of gods to worship. The wren now earns his living noiselessly.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 37


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