pt #29~ Catacombs and Apparitions!

What if We all Cared?

As Celeste sat reading the news came on and the lead story was, of course, the secret mines. She chuckled at the premature conjecture that had infected the masses with a sort of vuja de’ way of turning all the facts upside down and mixing it with urban legends!! Last she heard people were actually whispering that Al Capone himself was living poshly in an underground city and running the mines from there.

Celeste shook her head and turned back to her reading. The history of the old hotel was interesting and the original owner had a bit of a pedigree as well as a small fortune and a seriously good business acumen. The hotel was indeed originally built as an upscale spa-like orphanage. They spared no expense in construction, decorating and stocking supplies befitting the status of their little charges. Then they hired what they believed to be well…

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