whither authenticity?

we soon learn to fall in line

it is tact, not duplicity

when you ask, I say I’m fine


I stumbled too, but only once

I don’t enjoy being called a dunce


all masks constructed carefully

I choose the most appropriate

which takes me to the right gate

it’s a life lived skilfully


The challenge is to write a Sonnetina Tre

  1. If you are using the syllabic-count method, then down the left column write the numbers representing the syllables required for each line (typically 8 or 10). Regardless of how long you want your lines to be, they should all be the same length.
  2. Across from the numbers, in the right column, write the letter for your rhyme scheme, whatever you have chosen (i.e. ababccdeed).

10-Line Poem Challenge

2 thoughts on “Masked

  1. So true! Just last night someone asked how my daughter’s party went the night before. Truth is, the entire evening I was in extreme pain from what turned out to be a torn tendon in my chest wall, only managed to gain composure for a few minutes to capture a family photo, then had my son take me to the hospital. I told her, “It went great! Thanks for asking.”
    This is a beautiful Sonnetina Tre, constructed as carefully as the tactful response of which it speaks.


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