At the break of dawn…

“I have walked through it several times, at different hours of the day and night, but with very little success in my mission”, wrote a police officer on social media with this picture.

The tunnel is known to be a criminal haunt, but the miscreants are never caught. Folklore has stories of secret entry and exit points, and ghosts haunting the place. New tales are added every day. The gravity of crime has increased from robberies to three murders in the last month. The victims of robberies mention figures in black robes.

The police officer is on his eighteenth trip today, hoping to find a clue. He is accosted by a female form in a purple suit. She looks familiar … yes, the one who was murdered last month.

“Can I help you?” he gathers courage to utter the words from a dry mouth.

“Will you, or won’t you join the Black Robes?”

“Who are you?”

“I am the last entrant to the group.”

He could see dawn breaking at the end of the tunnel, but knew that he would never reach there.

(183 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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