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challenge 36 Al margen

I saw a clip from a movie on a boxer, Mary Kom, where the protagonist says “Don’t scare me so much, that you end up killing fear.”

I see that happening with Gen Z today. Some have too much freedom given by busy, guilt-ridden, aelf-labelled cool parents, and they have not been taught how to handle it. There are others who find themselves sinking under the burden of imposed expectations. They fail to comprehend why their individuality is not respected, and why should they squeeze their will and natural intelligence to fit in molds created by others.

I come across plugs for parenting workshops, and wonder if change on any one side will help. If a couple going through a rough patch needs counselling for both, the same is applicable to parents and children, or in any relationship between two generations. Similar conflicts are seen in homes, educational institutions and workplaces.

Let us make a move to understand the other, before impregnable walls are built between our worlds, and each fails to learn from the other.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 36

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