Shrubs around the house

I am back from a long vacation and dazed by the changes in the neighbourhood? Is this the same place- 21, Cedar Drive, where I have lived for so many years? The vegetation has changed, and is thicker. It appears that there were some seeder plants, spraying seeds around, and the same have multiplied.

It puts me in a reflective mood. A few days here and there, and we have strangers even in a familiar place. In a few years, the kids would have grown up, and I wouldn’t recognize them. Well, I hope they recognize me as Old Aunt Martha from 21, Cedar Drive.

I guess human beings are more static than nature. But, attachment to roots is not always a positive trait. We need to grow, and give others space to grow.

change is relative

I wonder who is ahead

speed of motion matters


Saturday Mix Double Take at MLMM

Our homophone sets this week are:

cedar – an evergreen tree
seeder – one who broadcasts seeds


days – more than one day
daze – to bewilder

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