What happens when a metaphor is negative? I have taken brickbats, and think that I can defend my own interest, only by wreaking havoc on the world. The spirit of revenge and destruction defines me.

The metaphor that I give myself, and how others see me can well be different.

I may discover an angel within, and decide to do something that benefits others, at certain points of time.

Yet, what spurs me on will always be fulfilment of my personal goals.

I am a sum, or rather a very complex function of different perspectives and mind-sets. Hence, I see myself as a spinning wheel, making it difficult for people to stop and decipher me. And I am oh-so-busy in adapting to the varied situations in life, and revising strategies.

your judgement

labelled me

within the periphery

of your frameworks

while I was just


to be myself



Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 34

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