Retrofitting the soul

The suburbs compete with city centers to become Smart Cities under a national drive. Malls and overbridges are planned, so are new commercial centers to encash the increased flow. I don’t see any difference in dressing styles between the metro cities and suburbs. Online shopping has been a great leveller.

The government directives call it an ‘urban renewal and retrofitting program’. I miss the shade of the trees I had grown up in. The eco-friendly digital news speaks of a drive by the environmentalists to replant the trees in their neighbourhood, and make way for the new highway. Greed is likely to overtake goodwill, and the timber will perhaps strengthen a bridge somewhere, as a link to my childhood snaps.

Heritage buildings are mute spectators to the transformation. They appreciate directives to protect and reinstate them, but wonder where they stand in the changed landscape. The ground beneath feels shaky, but why should it? Damage remains an unnamed devil, unless it can be quantified.

How does one repair the soul of a place, when the souls of inhabitants are splintered?

cash cows dominate

as endangered tigers

breathe heavy goodbyes

seen as ancient hurdles

to jungle aspirations


Saturday Mix at MLMM

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4 thoughts on “Retrofitting the soul

  1. Some great thoughts contained in your writing. I share these fears ! I especially liked the line “How does one repair the soul of a place, when the souls of inhabitants are splintered”

    Thanks for joining in the Saturday Mis 😊


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