You won’t believe…..

It was an anniversary they were celebrating together after a decade. The stage was set with candles, roses, music, good food and of course, his loved one.

“You won’t believe how every pore of my being has longed to be with you through the ups and downs of daily existence….”, he whispered softly in her ears.

“Sure, I do, darling…….” Her reply was interrupted by the harsh sound of the doorbell.

The police had been following his tracks for long. Unbelievably, she turned out to be the informer.


Six Sentence Stories

16 thoughts on “You won’t believe…..

  1. Whoah! I did not see that coming. Begs the question, how well can we know another person? (at least in the land of fiction 😁)
    Sounds like there’s an interesting backstory here!


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