Mundane Matters

She had managed the actor’s life for a decade, and was known to be his beau.

His journey with her spanned the distance from a struggling newcomer in the entertainment industry to an established star. She was the creative director of his company, and managed all mundane matters from the shoots to his personal life.

Suddenly, everything was in disarray. He kept celebrities waiting on the show, misbehaved with old friends and abused everyone who tried to help him. The media chased him for the juicy bits they cherished. Some blamed him for being unable to handle success. Some offered sympathy, citing him as a victim of depression and alcohol abuse.

Success brought many admirers, and he had found himself returning the passion of one nubile maiden. He would have liked to make a clean break from the past. But the axis around which his day-to-day life revolved was gone. There was nobody to fall back on, to blame for minor gaffes in production, to manage his daily schedules.

The downward career slide showed that mundane management mattered more than passionate encounters.


Tale Weaver #168

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