Human beings invented an instrument called the clock, with two hands and a face with digits. They deceived themselves into thinking that they own time. They continued to improvise on the models with technology and expensive material. Each attempt left them more exhausted. And then, they reached a conclusion that time cannot be controlled. It moves, while they remain stationary.

How I pity the poor souls! They do not realize that time is just a framework in the universe, and they are passing through it. The story does not run in a linear fashion. There are several such stories happening simultaneously, leaving impressions on each other. One evolves into another, in a non-linear fashion. We are not at the center. We are being swirled around in different shapes and forms, learning our lessons, absorbing the impact and moving to another chapter.

There is a central energy that procreates, and gives a body to abstract concepts. These living concepts are then let into the universe, to create more stories.”

People around us are a collective force that rules our lives. The force changes names several times. Read all the living stories around us. Let them speak to us. There is no forward or backward movement in time, no victory or defeat. Every act of ours is an imprint on the collective conscience, and will find an echo everywhere.

There is no history to justify our belief in an unequal social system, or a future generation to carry forward our pathetic traditions. We live and breathe through our thoughts and actions, and only those will redeem us. Believe in equality, and believe in justice.

Stay aware, and stay rooted!”


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Socrates believed self-knowledge was essential. Today, we wonder if there’s even a self to know

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