“I admire your patience.”

“Years ago, I fell in love with something called a Gantt chart.” I playfully held her attention to the image on the screen.

“And what’s that?”

“It depicts the influence of your actions on the entire project. One act of yours could accelerate, delay or sabotage the whole process. Since then, I take care to maintain the balance.”

“That sounds like a true Yogi.”

I walked away, choosing to stay silent about the illusion I create, and the turmoil it causes inside me. Someday, it might all spill over… due to external influence or internal combustion……


Sunday Photo Fiction

8 thoughts on “Balance

    1. The current logic is ‘whatever is not tracked is not delivered’. Medical tests do give a picture of what is happening in the body, but also generate additional income for a select few. Ten charts instead of one also help you to denigrate the efforts of less favored people, and manipulate the outcome.

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  1. Sounds like maintaining the illusion is easier than maintaining the balance – or maybe I’m just projecting based on my own work life these days (sigh). How on earth did we manage before we had all these charts and graphs and presentations? (Sometimes I think we just got things done…)


    1. Nobody asked for analytics and progression tools to justify that you are indeed working. The end result and a general perception mattered. Then, we added several tools of manipulation to deceive others and be an autocrat.

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