It took a while for me to understand what lies behind loud guffaws.

The derision of a psychopath, concealed pain of a loser, camaraderie between bumchums, drunk merriment and playing up to expectations.

In the process of analysing laughter, I have forgotten how to smile.

naked vision stings

as tears trickle down

I reach for my glasses

Give me back unseeing eyes

I wish to smile again


Tuesday Chatter Weekly #14


6 thoughts on “Raw

  1. It seems this happens every now and then because I find comments in spam that are from my followers. I don’t think it’s on your end but feel there may be a few glitches on the WordPress servers.

    Both of my blogs were a mess when I did the switch. Maybe that was part of it.


    1. Just noticed that your comments have been landing up in the Spam folder for the last two weeks. The reblog notifications did not appear either. Do let me know, if I need to change some setting at my end.

      Thanks for the comments, which I saw only now!

      Liked by 1 person

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