Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 27 – The State of Pain 3-22-2018

A Writer's Life

Reenas Exploration Challenge Week 27


I have been thinking about the above statement for a few days now, sorting it out in my mind. Pain can become something more. A way to tell you are alive. A way to overcome adversity. The path to a new understanding in your life.

In the beginning, however, why else would there be pain except as an instinctive response to preserve life and limb? Feel pain. Bad. Run away. Or crawl away or whatever one is capable of doing at the time.

Pain? Shouldn’t climb that tree and fall out. Shouldn’t fall off of high rocks. Or let a snake bite you. Or a saber-tooth tiger. Or stand in the way of a woolly mammoth stampede. Not sure how fast Woolly Mammoths were able to run, but even at a plod, standing in front of them was not a good idea.

Then came tools…

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