The memory of placing carrot heads in water on the window sill was vivid. It lent freshness to her mother’s kitchen.

In her teens, she had started a social media campaign for people to throw off seeds of summer fruits on the sides of the road. No, it was not meant to litter the place. Come the rains, and a few of them would sprout into trees. It was her contribution to the environmental cause.

She now lived a laidback retired life. Running a plant nursery kept her occupied, got some extra bucks and kept her connected to the roots.


100 Word Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Hobbies

  1. I love this reflection: a life-long passion turned profession. Helping the world, and each person, one plant at a time. This story resonates with me deeply as I’ve always been an enthusiastic player-in-the-mud and planter-of-things-that-will-grow. As an adult, I’m learning to make my own garden grow – not just in the ground, but in my life. Thank you so much for your lovely story to add to our collection this week 🙂


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