So special

Bubbles has always been my nemesis ….

My daughter, Samara is so maniacally attached to her, that she will bring the roof or sky down on not seeing her. We are indebted to Bubbles as well, for helping Samara come alive, and interact more with the world around her.  It is not easy parenting an autistic child, and Samara is very, very special to us.

And here is Bubbles hiding under the pathway… I guess kittens love to have their playtime too.

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Girl and pet cat


21 thoughts on “So special

      1. Lovely video. Amazing the cat sitting in the bath. I have seen some other videos of cats with autistic people and it profound the difference they make to their lives. A person at dog training trains smart puppies for the autistic children as well. Animals are so important in our lives and I think we are only now starting to realise how beneficial they can be.


        1. I have used a cat here, since I have first hand experience of a kitten hiding in the silencer of a car, and not wanting to come home. She was discovering her freedom. It took an effort to get her home in a bag.

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