The Mission

The King and Queen had fled the country after being overthrown in a coup.

The new ruler had been sworn in with public support. There were public meetings in the Central Square every week, to discuss future plans of the new government, and to invite public feedback.

A sleuth from the Bureau of Investigation continued digging the palace, after all wealth and possessions had been confiscated.

“What do you hope to find here now? Let us hand over the palace to the authorities, ” opined his boss.

“You have missed these artefacts found in the innermost sanctum sanctorum.”

“Is it precious metal?”

“It is much more than that for me… a clue to the buried casket.”

“And what do you hope to find there?”

There was silence for some time. Then, the sleuth’s voice appeared to come from a distance,

“My father worked for the King, and possessed several secrets on the manner in which the dynasty functioned. He disappeared overnight when I was five years’ old. My mother is alive only to see this. I am sure I will find something with a few more days of work.”

“God bless you! I shall provide you more workers to help.”

(200 words)



Sunday Photo Fiction


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