Nobody knows

Faith is the keyword, they said. Anybody who raises questions or doubts will be chucked out. But the benefits will flow to believers, not necessarily at the same time. Maybe you are still waiting for it, but that is your Karma.

Who writes the Karma account book? Nobody knows. When and what were the crimes I committed? Nobody knows. It is spread over several planets and lifetimes. You have got to believe in it, and improve your Karma for positive paybacks. Your time will come….  When? Nobody knows.

Up in those snowy mountains, someone laughed

The only keyword is Inequality. The only battle is to want something more.

Yes. The antigod turned in its grave, the ice of apathy needs to melt, till you come flowing down to meet the hoi polloi. The opening of the Third Eye will generate the required heat.


Sunday Writing Prompt


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