Shifting preferences

We are proud of your accomplishments, dear son! Good to know that you have bought a house in UK, with that well-paying job! What pains us is that you do not respond to your wife’s calls or mails. It is high time, that you took her with you. We would like to see a grandchild, before we die. Sending some Indian sweets for you….

And so on, continued my mother’s rants on email.

How do I tell her that my preferences have shifted from carrot halwa to carrot cake? The family will soon see a divorce petition from me.

(99 words)


PS: Carrot halwa is a sweet dessert pudding from the Indian subcontinent, made with clarified butter, sugar, milk and carrots.

March 15 – Flash Fiction Challenge



14 thoughts on “Shifting preferences

  1. Reena, your flash expresses the painful side of success and cultural assimilation. I also think it’s interesting to note that carrot cake evolved from carrot pudding.


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