Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 28

The Slow Movement never really appealed to me. It effectively means being left behind. Why spend so much time on one activity, when I could do a lot more?

It changed when I read a review of Joseph Pieper’s book – Leisure, the Basis of Culture. Perhaps, childhood memories are so vivid for we were living life in the slow lane.

Excerpts from the book review

Three types of work – activity, effort and social contribution

Against the exclusiveness of the paradigm of work as activity … there is leisure as “non-activity” — an inner absence of preoccupation, a calm, an ability to let things go, to be quiet.

The simple “break” from work — the kind that lasts an hour, or the kind that lasts a week or longer — is part and parcel of daily working life. It is something that has been built into the whole working process, a part of the schedule. The “break” is there for the sake of work. It is supposed to provide “new strength” for “new work,” as the word “refreshment” indicates: one is refreshed for work through being refreshed from work.


 Slow Thought Challenge 28

 Feel free to write whatever comes to mind – poem, story, free format writing, personal reflections, memoirs, anecdotes — and link up to this post.


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