Turning back

Henrietta was his childhood friend.

It had taken tremendous effort and time to organize a pre-wedding party for her and Vishwa on this island. Getting all the permissions, and transporting the party stuff to this place had been tedious. But the effort was called for. She had decided to marry a foreigner and move abroad forever. Hats off to her courage!

He received a lot of gratitude and admiration for his effort. Vishwa and Henrietta were basking in the glory of congratulations for some time. A few drinks later, Henrietta turned to her childhood pal with moist eyes,

“I can’t thank you enough, buddy! We have spent several years with each other. I wish you all the best in life.”

“I wish you the same, Henrietta! I would like you to turn back once before leaving. It is customary for the bride. Look at this place. We played house-house here in childhood, and nurtured many dreams.”


Thursday Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent

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