Blown apart

She was in a state of deep despair, having lost their daughter to the cruelty of tyrants. Poverty added to helplessness. She did not like what her husband had been doing with inflammable material.

“What kind of sorcery is that? You are inviting further trouble.”

“The planet that we live in was created from an explosion. I am doing my bit to create a new world – just and fair, for you and me, and the unborn child that you carry.”

A terrorist was born, but it was not from her womb. She could see her life being blown to smithereens.

(100 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

17 thoughts on “Blown apart

    1. There is a Hindi movie about a criminal whose guilt drives him to near insanity. His mother shoots him to liberate him of the agony. I guess many families secretly wish to do so, but can’t. Thanks for the comment!

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  1. I believe he’s gotten his creation theories wrong. Our best understanding of the creation of the universe is that it began (the math is beyond me) from something we call “the Big Bang” but our solar system essentially started out as a very large cloud of hydrogen and other gases that slowly condensed into the Sun (which subsequently ignited) and the various planetary bodies. I wonder what our terrorist would do with that?


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