Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 27 – The State of Pain



I’ve known that to suffer is to grow.

Pain manifests itself in so many different ways.

The physical pain we can put our finger on, get treatment and hopefully recover.

Psychological pain is a whole different matter. Often we can’t explain it, it’s more how we feel. Like miserable but once explored, and this is not always an easy matter either, the subject of the pain can be addressed if not cured.

We all go through periods when we feel unwell, out of sorts, just not ourselves. We know so many of us find ways to express that pain, some cut themselves, some withdraw, some shut their minds to whatever it is through drugs and alcohol.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to become ‘enriched’ by it.

I think to become enriched requires us to be aware of what it is in the first place. Understanding and knowing ourselves and being…

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