Scrambled Sun

The words blurred into one another, every yellowed page like the one before.

Her life had been an unending story of loneliness. The frameworks and characters changed, but the central theme remained the same – of not being understood, included or accepted, of wavelengths that did not match. History kept repeating itself.

The editor’s words rang in her ears louder than her heartbeat.

“You need to distance yourself from a situation sufficiently, before writing about it. Each character and situation is unique, who taught you a different lesson in life. You have painted them all with the same brush.”

Her response to all situations had been the same. Her jaundiced vision cast shadows on the pages of the book. She needed to wear different shades, to splash colors on the pages.

Life can never be monochromatic. Stories are never one-sided. We choose to highlight certain frames.


First Line Friday at MLMM

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