Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 26

I came across something called Switchwords – for chanting three times a day, to achieve positive results. It falls in the category of ‘subconscious re-imprinting’, and I am inclined to believe in the power of words.

I did not achieve the results I wanted, which was ascribed to ‘my lack of faith’. A closer analysis of the teacher’s approach reveals the real reason.

Do not ask questions till the end of the course.

Remember your faith plays a major role here

With doubts and negative thoughts, one cannot achieve positive results.

You have not yet reported the results. I receive a positive feedback from participants after every class.

Some people felt obliged to report minor positive incidents, which happen in the normal course of life.

I had expected her to explain how it works, but was disappointed. I baulked at the dictatorial attitude intended to subdue others, and inwardly rebelled. This Disappointment and Rebellion were the causes of the exercise becoming ineffective.

The whole game of life and relationships is about how certain words, gestures, attitudes and situations make us FEEL. We internalize the world with our senses – in images, sounds and touch. But …

There is a parallel world of affect, a world in which we find feelings traveling alongside the usually more salient images of our minds – Antonio Damasio

Here is the prompt, a picture which will make you say Yikes, or make you think. The action of posting it is mine, the response is yours, and the RESPONSE will become your entry to the prompt.

Picture Prompt

dalimontaigne35 feelings

 Illustration by Salvador Dali

Word Prompt


Feel free to write whatever comes to mind – poem, story, free format writing, personal reflections, memoirs, anecdotes — and link up to this post.


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Reena Saxena – Upside Down

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