Remnants of goodwill

The family gathered near the fireplace after the last rites of the matriarch were completed. The preferences she had shown in her less-than-ideal conduct during her lifetime, were evident in the distribution of wealth.

The siblings looked at the remnants of affection melting away in that fire. She had never been fair – in life or death. The embers of hatred glowed in the dark, as each imagined the worst.

She had transferred animosity, along with family assets.


Six Sentence Stories #82


20 thoughts on “Remnants of goodwill

  1. “The embers of hatred glowed in the dark, as each imagined the worst.”
    Excellent line. Such a tragedy when there’s animosity at a time when many are saddened at the loss of a loved one, and who gather to celebrate that person’s life, not endure the formalities of their passing.

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  2. It is sad when unhappy people decide to carry that legacy with them too the grave. Why not instead surprise everyone with a turn toward kindness and generosity. I suspect regret is a likely factor in the afterlife.


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