Change of heart

“I would like to join.”

The administrator looked with surprise at the frail, semi-clad figure facing him,

“Sir, I believe you are the Chairperson of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, and have been vocal on condemning this sport.”

“I condemn violence, not the art of self-defense.”

“Great!. May I ask what prompted a change of heart?”

“I have been a giver all along, but people looted me. I promoted non-violence, but I was knocked down in the battle of life. I wish to stand up again, to defend myself, and ……”

“And ….?”

“Maybe, revenge……  I’m not so sure about that.”

(100 words)



16 thoughts on “Change of heart

  1. Interesting and though provoking. Actually it is fascinating to read Gandhi’s view on the sport of boxing. This was in in July 1910, when Jim Jeffries fought Jack Johnson for the heavyweight boxing championship of the world, Gandhi wrote a sharp editorial in his newspaper, Indian Opinion.
    “What did they see?” asked Gandhi: “Two men hitting each other and displaying their brute strength. The people of America went mad over this show, and America is reckoned a very civilized country!”
    But then the same man had said about self-defence “Where choice is set between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence … I prefer to use arms in defense of honor rather than remain the vile witness of dishonor…”

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    1. Thanks for giving the quotes. WWF was a show that always repulsed me, till I entered a phase of corporate stress. The show became something like the Japanese ‘hit the doll’ game for me. I would imagine knocking down adversaries, and find emotional relief in that.


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