Are you In or Out?

The challenge is Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.    

Sandi has posted a story at Humble, but Humorous, with an invitation to continue the story.

Sandi’s Story

Immediately, I flashed back to accepting my invitation to the mill. There were six of us who had set up sleeping bags on the outer, upper balcony. About 15 minutes after arriving, the hosts had bid us good night…and we were on our own.

For the first hour, we got to know one another. At some point, I had to use the rest room, and to my dismay…discovered I had to walk a distance to a porta-potty. When I returned, no one was at the mill.

“Hello?” I had called out. Silence. “Okay, guys, you got me. Where is everyone?”

A scream echoed over the hill and behind the trees. As I pushed back branches and past bushes, I made my way toward the sound.  Probably just initiation. Nothing prepared me for what laid beyond the clearing.

I blinked my eyes, our host had returned and was snapping fingers in front of me…
“I’ll ask you again…are you in or are you out?”

(163 words)

My continuation

Did we really get to know each other in that first hour? Why were we all foolish enough to accept the invitation? We wanted to see the truth behind the myths surrounding the windmill, and here it was.

There is a secret to be protected, a conspiracy to be woven and an action plan to be executed. But the hand behind the act remains invisible. The owner could just be a frontrunner. And any of us could be in the owner’s place tomorrow. Stepping into the river of sin is a gigantic decision. There are no exit routes or life boats, and only mutual support keeps us afloat.

“I’ll ask you again…are you in or are you out?”

I wish to scream, but where will it take me? In or out?

(131 words)

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