No Means No

Battles are about establishing supremacy. Battles are initiated when one intends to show others as small, or others retaliate in the face of imposed smallness. Whoever wrote ‘all is fair in love and war’ was so damn right. There are no ethics on the battlefield. It is only victory that matters.

The difference between love and war is transcending boundaries or transgressing boundaries. The difference is in the possessed party being a willing victim or unwilling. The difference is between a positive merger and a forced acquisition. But ownership patterns change.

I dream of love as a positive energy to help me grow and transform. Growth is expansive, and cannot remain confined to boundaries defined by others. Growth is inclusive, and does not offer exclusive rights of ownership. It may involve letting go. It presupposes acceptance of changes that will occur on the path. It presupposes support, from a distance or close quarters.

If love restricts, it lights intense fires within – of resentment, rage and indignation. They replace the comforting warmth that once existed.

The need for expression and actualization of self will always supersede love.

If you transgress boundaries of the self, the answer is clear. One can exist without love, but not without the self.

No means No.


Photo Challenge #203

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