Upside Down

In the initial stages of my banking career, I was taught how to tally signatures on a cheque, when in doubt. The cheque is to be held upside down. The strokes and slants show better in the reverse position, and can be compared with the original specimen signature.

The technique stuck on in the subconscious. I gauge people on that. A person professes to hold certain values taught in childhood, and not do certain things. How does s/he behave when the temptation arises? The real test of a personality arises at that stage. Another favorite quote of mine is “to give people a long rope. If they come back they are yours. If not, they never really belonged.”

The commercial world compels us to keep up pretences, because transparency is likely to yield negative results. However, the core does not change. It emerges in other activities, hobbies, pastimes that one adopts.

poets are lonely

in their originality

where’s the audience

when all’s upside down?

mirrors are just a perception




Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 25



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