Grey compels me to be non-judgemental. Everybody has a little of black and a little of white, and so do I.  It is a mutual conspiracy of silence, in favour of black.

Black contaminates blue, yellow, red and white to create a palette, as they struggle to maintain their identity, but lose themselves in the blended world. White does not absorb, yet plays host to a colourful medley. And it takes pride in doing that.

Do I see the shadows of good and evil playing out? Subjectivity helps …… a certain segment.

sun disappears

grey skies facilitate

descent of night


Haibun Monday at MLMM

16 thoughts on “Contamination

  1. As a painter, a visual artist, I was dismayed at the ‘contamination’ of colour by black. It’s useful in achieving certain values in colour so to integrate and harmonise any given composition. The impressionists preferred an indigo or prussian blue for the same purpose.

    The tone overall is one of tolerance, a philosophy we should all adopt. Not always easy. The haiku is stunning!

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